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An opportunity to answer marketing research surveys at TheExpertCafé can reward you up to $100 per survey. Register and receive a $25 signing bonus immediately.

Once you've completed the sign up process, the next step is to complete a brief questionnaire to determine your forum eligibility. You're good to go once you've done these steps and verified that your email address. To begin receiving your rewards, simply complete the surveys that will be sent to your registered email ID. We wish you all the best!

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  • Only Digital Marketing experts from The United States are allowed to participate in this marketing survey.
  • A user can redeem their rewards once they reach a threshold amount of $100.
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Alex Whitehall, Marketing Manager

I am satisfied with the opportunities I have been presented, but am always open to reviewing others. Interviews have been interesting and engaging. Redemption has been fair and prompt.


Renee Beesley, Media Coordinator

I think my overall experience so far has been great as I have been able to share my experience with the team and feel like I have made a difference. The team is pretty flexible and easy to work with which is pretty important.


Kathyrn Lawrence, Media Buyer

I am proud to be a part of this community and I would like to continue the membership for a longer period. And I am satisfied with the information and ideas that I have received from TheExpertCafé. Thank you.


Edward Miller, Digital Marketing Manager

My experience is good and overwhelming. I enjoy doing the surveys and sharing what is best experiences I have in my career path.


Samuel jones, Programmatic Media Supervisor

So far it has been good! I appreciate the teams timely responses to my messages and the updates I recieve. I received my gift card voucher with no problems and really appreciate the seamlessness of it. Keep up the great work!


Emily Martins, Programmatic Buyer

I have found the surveys to be relevant, the redemption process quick and easy and I really enjoy myself when I take part in TheExpertCafé

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